Among the shades of Green

As I began my day this late morning, convinced it would be like any other lazy Wednesday ….which today began with some last minute errand runs. The beaming sun playing hide and seek every few minutes, showering us with warm droplets in between. I completed a workout which for once made me feel good. Walking out of the facilities I felt refreshed and eager for the plan-less day. Returning home, the sun now beaming causing a sauna around me, I grabbed my camera and headed for the door once more.

042 (2)    125 (2)

Forests. Standing proud and tall, each branch fighting for a sky view. This is my happiness. Among the shades of green.
After a days showers, you can just imagine the freshness, the fragrance. As I breath in, my chest expands, my eyes widen and I smile. Pebbles crunch beneath my running shoes still coated wet. I feel myself slow down from my usual ‘road runner’ self. As the sun peeks through the leaves, leaving dry patches around me and as the warm wind blows, the leaves dance around me. This sound reminding me of a water fall in the distance.

I startle a butterfly who camaflauges into the background. My eyes try to catch up with it as it swirls skyward and back down again circling me several times. I reach my hand out hoping for a soft landing. No luck, I continue my journey. Snapping photos, I am taken aback by natures beauty. It’s capabilities and the fact that I’m here blessed with the gift of sight to be able to witness it’s magical transformations. I breath.

023  072 (2)

I stop and admire two more butterflies chasing each other. Zooming past me I can hear their wings flap. Imagine the delicate strength.

This is why I take these moments to myself, to remind myself that I think I have it pretty good. This is what makes me rich and happy.

I could spend hours if not days between the bark, but my stomach reminds me that I must return. I turn back and spot the light at the end of my journey. I head in the direction of home, hoping I will have the chance to do this again real soon before my life is the skies resumes.

I think I’ve made new friends, the butterflies return and send me off as I step into the concrete jungle.


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